Investing in human resources to improve psychophysical well-being

One of the company’s main activities is to design, implement, conduct and monitor corporate wellness programs, in order to improve employee well-being. An ageing workforce requires all the necessary tools to achieve better quality of life and physical performance.

This is done through Med-Ex’s evaluation protocol aimed at detecting potential risk factors at collecting performance data in order to prescribe a tailor-made exercise program, give nutritional advice and monitor the subjects in time.

Health promotion and disease prevention

Med-Ex is also dedicated at educating employees about healthy lifestyles through information conferences, thematic meetings and workshops.

EDUCATIONALS: are programs addressed to all employees with the intent of explaining in layman’s terms the benefits of prevention and adequate lifestyle behavior, on the quality of life and mental and physical performance.

WORKSHOPS: are information campaigns directed to healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies, but also to all those subjects involved in promoting health.