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Medicine and exercise our work

Med-Ex, acronym of Medicine and Exercise, is a healthcare company specialised in the promotion of primary prevention programs through sports medicine check-ups and exercise prescription, thus focusing on the two major areas of interest of the company. Med-Ex programs are aimed at amateur and professional athletes, patients and companies that want to improve their physical well-being.

1994: the beginning

The concept dates back to 1994 when the founders, Dr. Fred Fernando and Dr. Alessandro Biffi, blended together their expertise gathered from the medical screening of top level Olympic and National athletes at the Sports Science Institute of the Italian National Olympic Committee, the evaluation of clinical patients and from the medical support to the Ferrari F1 Team.

Ferrari experience

Dedication, professionalism and proven expertise has led Med-Ex to be appointed by Ferrari as their sole Medical Partner. From this activity, thanks to the foresight of Ferrari, the Corporate Wellness Program entitled “Formula Benessere”, dedicated to all Group employees and their families, was implemented. This initiative has contributed to improve the partecipants work/life balance and consequently reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. The success of this program has enabled Med-Ex to extend this innovative primary prevention protocol to other companies.


Power your potential

Our mission is to help the individual, whether athlete or patient, to achieve his or hers top performance through functional evaluation tests, exercise prescription and monitoring



Corporate Wellness programs are aimed at improving the employees well-being and consequently improving productivity


Over 30 years’ experience in the screening of top level National and Olympic athletes and clinical patients has allowed Med-Ex to develop specific skills in the fields of prevention, exercise evaluation and prescription. Our medical lab is situated in Rome


The Med-Ex Training Lab’s objective is to help the individual, whether athlete or patient, to achieve his or hers top performance. For companies there is the possibility to add to the training lab: mental coaching sessions, team building activities and “active” corporate meetings


Med-Ex with its staff of sports physicians, physiotherapists and trainers has supported the Ferrari F1 team since 1994 contributing to the victory of 8 Constructors’ Championships and 6 Drivers’ Championships


5 reasons why exercise is important

January 7th, 2019|

Having a healthy and active lifestyle plays an important preventive function even for some forms of cancer. Practicing aerobic exercises, such as running and combining it with resistance exercises, helps to improve the feeling of psycho-physical well-being. An active lifestyle is the best way to stay healthy: leave a sedentary lifestyle is the first step for a correct prevention.

Junior check-up for Maserati

April 24th, 2018|

Maserati choose Med-Ex as the Medical Partner for the junior check-up dedicated to employees' children. The check-up which includes a primary prevention check of the state of health, promotes physical activity as a necessary factor for a healthy lifestyle as well as giving indications in terms of nutrition and training.






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