Manage your energy

In all successful companies, Corporate Wellness programs offers a great support to improve work environment, psychological well-being of employees and productivity. The partnership between Med-Ex and Generali was founded for that reason.

It is shown that when we are able to use all our energy effectively, we reach the best performance.Generali with the program called My Energy Journey, wants to support their human resources to manage in a better way their energy, not only for work, but to enjoy better day life.

The program

The medical check-up proposed to Generali is an overall control of the the health status with a follow-up of the main risk factors and all the particulars necessary for start physical activity.In a second step, the people involved will play running session, power functional and yoga, as well as special training sessions with Olympic athletes of the caliber of Roberto Cammarelle (Gold medal, Beijing 2008 Boxing) and Carlo Molfetta (Gold medal 2012 London, Taekwondo). During the program there are also educational activities, through Webinars designed to provide advice on a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as group sessions of Mental Coaching.

Specialized coach and Med-Ex trainer assist Generali employees with a continuous monitoring of the activities carried out, thanks to the use of an App developed in partnership with Technogym. This activity will enable participants to confront with each other, encouraging healthy competition to achieve their goals and improve continuously.